Breast Augmentation Surgical Instrument Set


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Knife Handle No. #3
Halsted Mosquito Forceps, curved
Metzenbaum Scissors, SC, curved
Gorney Freeman Scissors, SC, curved
Mayo Scissors, straight
Iris Scissors, TC, straight
Yankauer Suction Tube
Frazier Suction Tube, 12 FR
Adson Dressing Forceps
Adson Tissue & Suture Forceps, 1 x 2 teeth w/tying platform
Brown-Adson Forceps, 9 x 9 teeth
Tissue Forceps, 1 x 2 teeth
Dressing Forceps, serrated
Freeman Areola Marker, 38mm
Freeman Areola Marker, 42mm
Freeman Areola Marker, 45mm
Freeman Areola Marker, 50mm
McKissock Breast Marker, 38mm, Keyhole pattern
McKissock Breast Marker, 42mm, Keyhole pattern
McKissock Breast Marker, 45mm, Keyhole pattern
Mayo-Hegar Needle Holder, TC

Webster Needle Holder, TC, smooth jaws
Halsey Needle Holder, TC, smooth jaws
McKissock Mammaplasty Caliper
Flexible Ruler
Spatula Breast Dissector
Walther Sound 32FR
Silverstein Breast Dissector
Joseph Hook, sharp
Senn Retractor, sharp
US Army Retractor, 2/set
Freeman Retractor, 4 prong, 38mm
Pediatric Ribbon Retractor, malleable
Ferreira Fiber Optic Retractor
Deaver Fiber Optic Retractor
TBTS Fiber Optic Retractor, with teeth


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